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We pledge to put $1 billion back in the pockets of everyday Americans by making it simple to understand the fine print. We know how the system works, and we use our expertise to guide you in a direction that is smart and sustainable.

Our Founders


Nicholas Clements, co-founder

Nick has worked in consumer banking for nearly 15 years. Before co-creating Magnify, he ran the UK Consumer Business for Barclaycard. Prior to that, he spent most of his career at Citigroup in Risk Management. A graduate of Stanford University, he studied Economics and History.

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Brian Karimzad, co-founder

Brian worked in banking and consumer marketing for 15 years before co-creating Magnify. Brian also graduated from Stanford University, where he studied economics - but not enough history.

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Our Team


Mandi Woodruff, Executive Editor

Mandi has nearly a decade of experience as a journalist and has spent the bulk of her career covering the ins and out of personal finance. In 2015, she launched the career and money podcast Brown Ambition, which airs weekly on iTunes. Before joining MagnifyMoney, Mandi was the personal finance correspondent at Yahoo Finance and the personal finance editor at Business Insider. She graduated from the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at The University of Georgia.


Erin Lowry, Content Director

Erin has been in the working world for three years. She started her young career as a page for The Late Show with David Letterman before wandering back into communications. She has worked in public relations, been a freelance writer, and founded the blog Broke Millennial.

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Brittney Laryea, Personal Finance Reporter

Brittney Laryea is personal finance reporter with MagnifyMoney. Before joining the MagnifyMoney team, she interned with the Wall Street Journal and the Atlanta Business Chronicle. She earned a dual degree in broadcast journalism and business marketing from The University of Georgia.


Emily Coates, user experience designer

Emily has been building user experiences for startups, agencies, and Fortune 500 clients for the past 8 years. In the spirit of transparency, she has found her recent work with Magnify to be the most fruitful learning experience of her career. 


Cheryl Lock, Business Development

Cheryl has spent 10+ years as a writer, editor and business development consultant. In that time she has worked for newspapers, magazines and websites, and her work has appeared in dozens of publications, both in print and on the web. After working as a money editor at Parents, Cheryl went on to the launch the parenting vertical at Learnvest before deciding to start her own full-time freelance business in 2012.


Goofski, consumer watchdog

Goofski was born to un-known parentage on the streets of Moscow, where he learned the value of having someone who can watch your back. Since then, he's lived in London and New York. Today, Goofski sniffs out shady business practices or just relaxes in the MagnifyMoney offices.

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Editorial Contributors


Stefanie O'Connell, Contributor

Stefanie O'Connell is a professional actress turned money saving pro. She channels her passion for all things money into her writing around the web and on her own site, The Broke and Beautiful Life, which chronicles the reality of "living the dream" on a starving artists' budget.


Kali Hawlk, Contributor

Kali Hawlk is a financial writer and the marketing manager for XY Planning Network. She's passionate about helping others do more with their money, their careers, and their lives. You can find her on Twitter @KaliHawlk.


Matt Becker, Contributor

Matt Becker is a fee-only financial planner and the founder of Mom and Dad Money, where he helps new parents build a better financial future for their families. His free time is spent building block towers and jumping on beds with his two boys.

Erin Millard

Erin Millard, Contributor

Erin Millard is a personal finance writer who wants to help fellow millennials take control of their finances. Join her on her journey to saving for the things that matter most in life on Journey to Saving.

Gretchen L

Gretchen L, Contributor

Gretchen is a writer, entrepreneur, personal finance nerd, and the founder of Retired by 40!, the blog dedicated to documenting her family's journey towards early retirement. She is mom to a beautiful little girl, and wife to her soldier. When she manages to tear herself away from her work, she enjoys good books, hard workouts, and as much as sun as she can handle.

Taylor Gordon

Taylor Gordon, Contributor

Taylor K. Gordon is a freelance blogger and personal finance junkie who lives in the nation's capital. She documents her journey to financial freedom and her adventures in solopreneurship on the blog Trendy Cheapo.

Will Lipoovsky

Will Lipovsky, Contributor

Will Lipovsky is a personal finance writer and webmaster. You can contact him at FirstQuarterFinance.com.

Natalie Bacon

Natalie Bacon, Contributor

Natalie Bacon blogs at Financegirl, where she writes about finance and intentional living for young professional women. Natalie is a former corporate attorney who traded in her job to pursue a career in financial planning, freelance writing, and blogging. Learn more about Natalie at NatalieBacon.com.

Kate Dore

Kate Dore, Contributor

Kate Dore is a freelance writer and digital marketer, blogging about her hustle toward financial freedom at Cashville Skyline. She's passionate about promoting financial literacy among young professionals and creatives.


Stephanie Mialki, Contributor

Stephanie Mialki is a digital marketing guru and the owner and operator of Hacker Freelancing.


LaTisha Styles, Contributor

LaTisha Styles is an author, motivational speaker and Editor-in-Chief at YoungFinances.com teaching simple finance for millennials. You can follow LaTisha on Twitter for daily millennial money tips to budget, invest and achieve success.


Catherine Alford, Contributor

Catherine Alford is a personal finance freelance writer who enjoys sharing her money adventures and misadventures on her blog, www.BudgetBlonde.com.


Kelly Harry, Contributor

Kelly is a student at Brooklyn College and is currently pursuing a dual degree in Broadcast Journalism and Economics. She hopes to utilize her passion for journalism with her knowledge in finance to educate people about personal finance.

Kassandra Dasent

Kassandra Dasent, Contributor

Kassandra Dasent is a freelance writer, business consultant, wife and step-mom striving to live life beyond what money can buy. Kassandra addresses topics such as personal finance, investing, self-employment and education. Her work has been featured on several prominent sites across the web including US News & World Report and The Globe and Mail.


Why MagnifyMoney? 

Our mission is to educate consumers so they're able to get the right product for their specific financial situation. We strive to promote transparency and financial empowerment, so everyone is a well-informed bank, credit card and credit union customer.

At MagnifyMoney, we begin with four simple goals: reduce credit card interest (and therefore debt), eliminate all unnecessary fees, maximize cash back on everyday spending, and earn interest on all savings accounts. These four simple things can make a big difference and ensure more money stays in your wallet.  As former bankers, we have the knowledge to help you magnify your money.

MagnifyMoney is transparent and unbiased. We pledge to always disclose if we receive compensation for referring you to a product, and always feature alternatives that don't offer compensation so you have choice. You can count on us to be 100% on your side.

Code of the Savvy Saver

5 tips to beat the banks at their own game


Review your financial products annually.

A good deal one year might be less so the second year.


Switch to an online bank.

Hands down, forgoing brick and mortar is the simplest way to avoiding unnecessary fees.


Know your credit score.

A better credit score increases your chances that banks will compete hard for your business.


Know your number!

Pay attention to how much you're paying in interest, how much debt you're paying off, and how much you're earning in cashback and savings interest.


Make banks compete for your business.

They will, and the more you insist they do, the better deal you'll get. Let us know what you think! We care about helping you, so please get in touch.


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